2018-05-15 Three-dimensional digital tomography (CBCT) already in Mława!

Three-dimensional digital tomography (CBCT) already in Mława!


Tomograph CS 9300 C Premium, already working in the Mława centrum of the Smile Center, enables as many as 7 different fields of three-dimensional image imaging, as well as taking cephalometric photos in the ONE SHOT system. Welcome.
The standards in dentistry are changing. However, reliable recognition is the foundation for proper treatment. To meet your trust, we introduce a conical tomography called 3D or CBCT imaging to our clinic. This is the highest level of today's dental and laryngological diagnostics. Careful carrying out of the diagnostic process makes it possible to take the right course of treatment, increasing the chances of achieving the intended treatment effect.
CBCT is a faster and safer version of computed tomography created specifically for the needs of dentistry. Applied radiation in the form of a cone beam allowed the imaging of the craniofacial structures in 3D (3D) during one rotation of the radiation source, resulting in a much lower radiation dose (10 times less than in conventional computed tomography) and a fourfold shortening of exposure time, while maintaining the correct quality tomographic image.
CBCT provides the doctor with more information from the pantomographic picture and allows for quick diagnosis and optimal treatment planning.
The image of anatomical structures obtained from CBCT can be processed in many ways, which allows to visualize the course of vessels, nerves, dental roots and pathological changes (inflammatory, neoplastic, reactive, etc.) with high accuracy.
CBCT is used by dentists in:
• endodontics
• orthodontics
• dental surgery
• maxillofacial surgery
• periodontology
• implantology

It is also used in ENT and neuroscience (sinus tomography, inner ear).
The test is completely painless. We invite you to the Smile Center in Mława.
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