Patient safety in cinics treatment rooms

Sterilization and desinfection of tools

Surgical tools and dental equipment are disinfected after use, and then sterilized in an autoclave after the visit of each patient.

Sterilization is the process leading to destruction of all microorganisms by the use of certain sterilizing agents. The sterilizing agent in our clinic is the warmth of  moist air (saturated steam). The device used to sterilize instruments and materials in water vapors under pressure is the autoclave Getinge K7 +.
For sterilization of dental tips (angle handpiece, straight handpiece and turbines) a special DAC UNIVERSAL autoclave is used. Concerned about the safety of our patients we equipped the clinic with the latest equipment to carry out inspections of tools and materials sterilization. Absolute compliance with the high standards of sterilization considerably influences the quality and the method of treatment, because it requires daily usage of unique and expensive equipment, special disinfectants and a huge amount of exchangeable instruments, necessary to ensure the highest standards of hygiene. Each sterilization process is monitored and documented by means of specific indicators. Once a month we are performing a control testing of the sterilization effectiveness by means of microbiological tests (Sporal A) by the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Ciechanów.

All dental instruments and materials for dressings are often controlled in the autoclave sterilization process. This device complies with the strictest Polish and European standards for sterilization of dental instruments. In the process of sterilization all bacteria, viruses, fungus and their preservation forms are killed.

Tools prior to the introduction into the autoclave are disinfected in a specially designed fluids and cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners. Then they are packed into hermetically sealed packages undergoing a sterilization process.

Disinfection (decontamination) is the process by which the vegetative forms of microorganisms are destroyed.

Before the admitting another patient, each treatment room is subjected to a specialist disinfection, consisting of decontamination of all surfaces that may have had a contact with the factors that could cause infections, with the use of specialist disinfectant liquids designed for this. Dental equipment (dental unit parts) and furniture are both disinfected, which for this purpose, are made out of special materials.

Disinfecting with  ultraviolet rays (UV). It is non-ionizing radiation. It has been widely used in practice when it comes to reducing the number of airborne microorganisms. It is a simple and effective way to disinfect the air, surfaces in treatment and sterilizing rooms.

The system of the sterilization control.

Since September 2008 an electronic control system for sterilization has been utilized.

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