Agnieszka Gralak-Słotwińska the medicine. DDS.

About herself. I graduated from the Medical Academy in Gdansk.

A few years later I had the opportunity to sit at the microscope and look at the tooth larger and .... I saw a great potential to increase the chances of a successful endodontic treatment. And so, since 2004, this is my irrepressible passion for professional.

Also, in The Smile Center I am dealing with microscopic endodontics.

After work, I love the all-day walking tour through the nearby Kampinos and long backpacking through Asia. I love to fly and it does not matter whether it is the liner at the end of the world or the sports plane on a neighboring airport, or a glider in the surrounding clouds. The world is beautiful and peaceful from that perspective.
This form of relaxation is in some respects similar to my work - so from above and in the microscope you can see more.


Agnieszka Gralak-Słotwińska