BEYOND - a whitening lamp

one of the most popular and often used in the world. Safely removes stains which penetrated deeply into the tissues of the tooth. Whitening formula (gel) combined with cold light( the lamp)  works strongly and quickly. After one visit, the patient enjoys a natural whiteness of teeth without irritation and side effects. 

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a device designed to remove stains, settlements of coffee or tea, cigarettes and plaque. The cleaning stream is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, water and air. The treatment is painless. It has application in dental  prophylaxis (before polishing  and fluoridation), after scaling (removing of  a plague), after periodontology treatment, in cosmetic dentistry (before whitening, matching  the right color of cemented veneers ) in orthodontics  before gluing locks and in prosthodontics.


it’s a high class dental unit that guarantees the safety of dentist work and comfort for the patient. It was designed to do preventive and surgical treatments quickly and  efficiently. (SAD to X-ray analysis, illuminated instruments, scaler, curing lamp). Work Hygiene is guaranteed by foot control and automatic sucking sleeve flushing system. All of this is supplemented by the unique headrest allowing for any positioning of the patient's head ( including patients in a wheelchair).


located by each dental unit, allows to  register the picture of the patient's mouth and to display it on the monitor. Cameras are equipped with disposable caps. The patient can consciously participate in the treatment by observing the image before and after treatment.


modern, technologically advanced digital camera for quick and accurate diagnostics on place. The camera offers a wide range of configuration options and taken pictures:
maxillary sinus
-antero-posterior skull
-temporomandibular jaw joints
The simple operation and a minimum of the radiation dose allow to take pictures for patients of all ages. The patient receives a high-quality photo on a CD or printed on photo paper.


a safe and indispensable intraoral camera in every consulting room. Modern technology has allowed to reduce a radiation dose by 90% compared to the standard X-ray. Exposure parameters are selected automatically according to the kind of tooth. Photos are made quickly and accurately, and a high quality image can help diagnose a variety of the teeth lesions and surrounding tissue.


a high-end device for the mechanical development of root canals, you can quickly and accurately develop a canal with simultaneous measurement of length.


necessary in every treating room, used to measure the working length of the channel during endodontic treatment (root canal) allows precise elaboration to the top of the canal without the irritation of surrounding tissue.


a device designed for cleaning, sterilizing and lubricating dental tips and tools (in a steam vacuum, at a pressure of 3.1 bar, temp.134/273F)


one of the newest on the Polish market that complies with all EU standards and ensures maximum safety during an operation. It is used to sterilize instruments in a high temperature and pressure, in individual packages for each patient. It kills bacteria, viruses and fungus.


highly specialized equipment to endodontic treatment in difficult cases. It enlarges the treatment area, giving illumination and image depth. Used to:do:
location of root canal entry
-canals with curved course
-perforation treatment
-canal filling 

Area For Small Patients

strefa małego pacjenta
galeria zdjęć kliniki stomatologicznej
galeria zdjęć kliniki stomatologicznej
galeria zdjęć kliniki stomatologicznej
galeria zdjęć kliniki stomatologicznej
galeria zdjęć kliniki stomatologicznej
galeria zdjęć kliniki stomatologicznej
galeria zdjęć kliniki stomatologicznej