THE WAND - microprocessor device for the administration of anesthesia

The most common reason is fear of pain. And if your teeth can be treated under local anesthesia, what prevents us from visiting the dentist?

The answer is the same - we are afraid of the pain during anesthesia.

A doctor activities  before the surgery should be aimed at reducing the maximum stress and pain of  the patient with all available methods including appropriate instruments and psychological approach to the patient (verbal and visual contact).

Until recently, the idea that the administration of local anesthesia can be controlled by a microprocessor aroused great astonishment. For several years, the computer system to perform local anesthesia called The Wand (wand) has been available on the market. The device allows you to perform all types of local anesthesia in dentistry. Its advantage is a comfortable application of anesthetic. This phenomenon eliminates the expanding type of tissues in case of an anesthetic administered by traditional methods. The essence of The Wand, that causes the reduction of pain during anesthesia, is the fact that it is controlled by a microprocessor pressure at which the anesthetic is administered to the gums. It leads to a state in which before the needle, which is put in the tissue, "a mantle" of the anesthetic would reside. It might sound strange, but the effect of this technique is very efficient.

In the hands of the doctor and using appropriate techniques, the patient often does not even feel that the anesthesia was given.

The wand tip (like needles) are disposable. Thanks to sterile  packaging, the risk of cross infection is eliminated. Each patient has a sterile kit for the administration of anesthesia. This ensures the safety of you and your doctor. Using appropriate techniques THE WAND does not cause the effect of "numbness of the lips and cheeks" and the distortion caused by the action of the anesthetic, which allows to preserve the natural appearance of the patient. The Wand simplifies the process of anesthesia, causes faster action of liquid anesthesia and more precise anesthesia of the patient. Above all - THE WAND provides a unique comfort to patients.

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