The cancer of the mucous membranes (colloquially mouth cancer) is a disease which isn’t often talked about. If left untreated, it is a major threat to life. Often causing facial distortions. In Poland each year several thousand of new cases appear. One of the biggest problems with diagnosis of oral cancer is that it is unnoticeable by the patients themselves in the early stages of development, also most of its development is not accompanied by pain. The pain occurs relatively late, so the ill report to the doctor with advanced forms of the disease.

One of modern methods of early detection of cancer of the mucous membranes is a study using light ViziLite. It is a system used for identification and determination of localized lesions on the surface of the oral mucosa. The system consists of a solution of acetic acid and chemiluminescent light source (ViziLite), assisting in the identification of lesions, and the dye TBlue, which is azuline of toliudyny, staining the changes found by Tblue.

This system effectively supports the tradition of visual-tactile examination and at the same time allows for much earlier detection of suspicious changes and referring the patient for a biopsy, which finally will diagnose the patient. Prophylaxis is recommended to test each patient once a year.
The pretest price - 100,00 zł (+ study TBlue: 50.00 zł).