Magnification was used in general medicine for a long time. Now the knowledge gained in this field is also used in dentistry. A device, which is a dental microscope became next on the way to achieving better dimensions in dentist work and solving the problems of our patients. A microscope is used most often for root canal treatment -  endodontics. The magnification of the treatment increases the sharpness of the observed image, enables the location of the estuary channel, treatment of curved canals and requiring re-endodontic treatment. The use of the microscope allows for treatment of endodontic complications, like: duct perforation or fracture of the tool, but above all allows to avoid them. The microscope is also useful during surgical procedures, through better lighting it is possible to remove the broken root of the alveolus (Endodontic microsurgery). We should  also mention the developing cavities and tooth preparation under a prosthetic crown to view and evaluate the tooth tissues exactly in the enlargement.