An accident during sports or falling may leave gaps in your Smile at every stage of your life. Caries and periodontal inflammation may result in loss of a large number of teeth over many years. These are stressful situations. However, veiling and disguise these defects or removable dentures are no longer necessary. The modern solution to these problems? Implants.
Small titanium parts are highly technically advanced artificial tooth roots, that become part of the jaw. They are as firm as if they were the part of you and provide a stable base for single tooth crowns, major bridges or dentures.
Teeth implants are embedded in virtually identical way to your own teeth and give a completely natural sensation. The problem of a moving prosthesis disappears. There is no need to damage adjacent teeth in order to implement the bridge. Feel the safety and quality of life with implants. 

Implants in single tooth deficiency.
Anyone can lose a tooth. Often a few seconds are enough: you do sport and the tooth disappears, just like that. Shock, but never more a great tragedy. Implants solve the problem naturally and invisibly. In the place, where the tooth occurred naturally in the jaw a dentist places a small, high-tech root. Then a permanent dental crown will be fixed. With the new implant it is firmly and permanently anchored in to the jaw, giving the same feeling as your natural teeth. The crown based on the implant does not require staples. There is no need to destroy any of the teeth by grinding them.  The implant also retains the natural shape of the jaw bone. Nobody will notice the difference, not even you. 

Implants with larger dental deficiencies.
Regardless of whether in the dental arch one or several teeth are missing:  each tooth is individually replaced, restoring the original state of dentition. If in the bow three or more teeth are missing, you may decide to set up a bridge mounted on the implants. In this case, the new pillar crowns are combined with each span and depending on the extent of the lack - are supported on a stable and secure base consisting of two or more implants. After the precise planning, new tooth roots are usually placed in the jaw during a single treatment. The temporary prosthesis completes the absence of teeth during the healing phase, the target crowns or bridge are permanently attached to the implants after the completion of the healing period. Small titanium screws are artificial roots that transparently and securely support your new crowns. There is no need to grind your teeth and cover them with the crowns, you will not also have to worry about staples. Your new teeth based on the implants will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth. As if nothing ever happened. 



Implants in the edentulous (toothless) jaw.
Only two to four new roots are enough to provide stable holding of the total prosthesis. Whereas the total bridge (permanently attached supplement) can be fitted on six implants. It will give you a high feeling of safety in every situation because nothing will be suddenly loosened.

Your total dental prosthesis is fixed to the implant using a special coupling system consisting of two components. One element is permanently attached to the implant, its counterpart is the part of the prosthesis. Components snap together and your prosthesis is rigidly fixed. When there is a need for cleaning dentures it can be  very easily removed, as well as put back.

After a careful planning, new roots of teeth are usually placed in the jaw during a single treatment. After the healing process they are completely integrated with the bone and become an integral part of the jaw. If you  wore complete dentures for longer time your jaw bone may be too thin and too narrow to accept the implants. In this case, your dentist or surgeon who specializes in implantology may slightly expand the jaw bone. This is done with  using a bone from your body or with the use of natural bone replacement materials.